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Fiscly tracks federal vendor payments over time.

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High Cost Funds are split into five components: High Cost Loop (HCL), High Cost Model (HCM), Interstate Access Support (IAS), Interstate Common Line Support (ICLS), and Local Switching Support (LSS). These charts exclude the High Cost Loop sub-components, Safety Net Additive (SNA) and Safety Valve Support (SVS), since they are included in the HCL data. Connect America Funds are split into six components: Frozen High Cost Support (FHCS), Incremental Support (IS), Connect America Fund Intercarrier Compensation (ICC), Mobility Fund Phase One (Mobility I), Connect America Cost Model (CACM), and Rural Broadband Experiments Fund (RBE). In 2011, the FCC rolled out the Connect America Fund with Phase I in 2012 and Phase II in 2014. FCC issued a report and order in 2014 to reform the High Cost Program. Connect America Funds are part of the High Cost Program. Data is gathered from USAC's Funding Disbursement Search tool http://www.usac.org/hc/tools/disbursements/default.aspx.

List of Vendors

List of CAF Vendors
List of CAF Vendors by State


An FCC order directed the National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA) to create a non-profit subsidiary called the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) to administer universal service funds as directed by the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Over 1,000 telcommunications companies are members of NECA and subject to interstate tariffs.


The 2016Q2 "contribution factor" is 17.9 percent. Universal service funds for the quarter are approximately $2.2 billion. The contribution factor is applied to the adjusted contribution base of $12.4 billion, based on projected quarterly industry revenues of $14.5 billion from FCC Form 499-Q filings. Each quarter, calculations include an adjusted contribution base, unadjusted contribution factor, proposed contribution factor, and proposed circularity discount factor.

List of Quarterly USF Revenue Projections
List of Quarterly USF Contribution Factor Template:FCCMapsPR

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