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Market Definition Project

This online resource organizes and tracks policy questions related to the digital economy. Multiproduct firms, informational rents, common costs, and economies of scale are features of digitization of goods and services in the modern economy. The categories and market size estimates are updated with notes listed.

Author Estimates Profitable (green) Neutral (yellow) Losses (red)
Market Global Market ($B) Companies Market Capitalization in $B
$850B $1000B $510B $1000B $825B Tencent ($422B), Alibaba ($470B), Walmart ($260B), Oracle ($190B), Netflix ($150B), Baidu ($87B), Tesla ($60B)
Alphabet Inc. (Google) Amazon.com Inc. Facebook Inc. Apple Inc. Microsoft Corp. All Others and China B2C or B2B?
Search $0B Google Search Amazon.com _ _ Bing Alibaba, Baidu B2C
Keyword Ads $50B AdWords on Google.com AMS on Amazon.com _ Apple Search Ads Bing Ads, Bing Network Alibaba, Baidu, Yahoo (Oath) B2B
Banner Ads / Ad Network $200B Doubleclick, AdMob, AdSense Amazon Advertising Platform _ _ _ Alibaba, Baidu, Yahoo (Oath) B2B
Social Media Ads $100B YouTube Twitch NewsFeed, Instagram _ _ Twitter, WeChat B2B
Social Media (subscriptions and license deals) $10B Google+ Twitch (narrow- gaming focus), Goodreads (narrow book focus) Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp _ LinkedIn Premium Twitter, WeChat B2B
User-Generated Video Platform (ads and subscriptions) $5B YouTube, YouTube Live Twitch Live (2015), Videos, 360 Video _ _ DailyMotion, Dramafever B2C
Video Streaming Platform (subscriptions) $20B YouTubeTV Amazon Video Live (2015), Videos, 360 Video Apple OTT (coming soon) _ Netflix, Hulu, VUDU B2C
Music Streaming Platform (subscriptions) $5B YouTubeTV Amazon Music _ Apple Music _ Pandora, Spotify B2C
Retail Membership $15B _ Amazon Prime _ _ _ Costco, Sam's Club B2C
Cloud Computing Platform $250B Google Cloud Platform Amazon Web Services _ _ Microsoft Azure Oracle, Baidu, Alibaba B2B
Cloud Storage Google Drive Amazon Drive _ iCloud OneDrive, SkyDrive Shutterfly B2C
Browser Google Chrome _ _ Safari Internet Explorer, Edge Firefox, Opera B2C
Mail Gmail _ _ iCloud email Outlook Yahoo (Oath), Mail by ISPs B2C
Messaging Google Allo, Google Hangouts _ Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp iMessage MSN Messenger, Yammer, Team SMS, Slack B2C
Voice/Video Calling Google Duo, Google Allo, Hangouts Echo Show, Alexa App, Amazon Chime Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp FaceTime Skype, Office 365 Video, MSFT Stream Xoom, WebEx B2C
Online Grocery $100B _ Whole Foods _ _ _ Walmart B2C
Shopping Google Shopping Amazon.com _ _ Bing Product Search eBay, etsy, Walmart.com, jet.com B2C
Maps Google Maps, Google Earth, Waze _ _ Apple Maps Azure Maps, Bing Maps, StreetSide Garmin, TomTom B2C
Payments/Wallets $300B Android Pay, Google Wallet Amazon Pay, Amazon Wallet Facebook Payments Apple Pay, Apple Wallet Windows Wallet Venmo (Paypal), AmEx, Visa, Mastercard B2C
Crypto Dev Platform GCP AWS _ _ _ EOSio, Ethereum B2B
FinTech $50B _ _ _ _ _ Stripe, Robinhood B2C
Dev Platform GCP AWS Github B2B
PC OS Chromebook OS _ _ macOS Windows Redhat (Linux) B2C
Mobile OS Android Amazon Fire OS _ iOS _ Blackberry 10 OS, forked Android? B2C
Workplace Collaboration and Enterprise Productivity Software $400B G-Suite, Google+ Amazon Work Docs, Chime Workplace iWork Office, Office365, Teams Dropbox, Slack, Atlassian B2B
Photo Storage Photos Prime Photos Photos, Instagram iCloud Photo Library OneDrive Oath (Flickr), smugmug, Shutterfly B2C
App Store Google Play Amazon App Store _ App Store Windows Store app stores for jailbroken phones B2C
AI / ML Platform Deepmind, TensorFlow, GCP Amazon AI, AWS _ _ Azure AI IBM Watson, NVIDIA B2B
Autonomous Vehicles Waymo, Android Auto (voice-activated system for vehicles) _ _ Apple Car (autonomous driving system, no physical car) Microsoft Garage Tesla, Uber, Ford, GM, Baidu B2C
Drones Project Loon, Wing Amazon Prime Air Drones _ _ DJI (China) B2B
Last-Mile Infrastructure Google Fiber _ Satellites _ White Spaces SpaceX, OneWeb, Planet Labs, ISPs, Intel B2B
Backhaul Infrastructure $100B Curie, Dunant Part Owner Part Owner _ Part Owner AEC-1, APG, MAREA, JUPITER B2B
Mobile Handsets $500B Pixel, Android One, Project Ara Fire phone Building 8 iPhone Lumia Samsung, ZTE, Huawei, Nokia, Blackberry B2C
Tablets $0.5B Pixelbook Fire tablets, Kindle _ iPad Surface Samsung B2C
Low-end PCs $20B Pixelbook _ _ _ _ Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo B2C
High-end PCs $130B _ _ _ Macbook family Surface family Dell, HP, Asus, Lenovo, Razer, Nvidia B2C
Wearables $5B Android Wear, Google Watch _ _ Apple Watch Microsoft Band Snap, fitbit, Asus, Letscom B2C
Streaming Device $5B Chromecast Amazon Fire Stick, FireTV _ Apple TV Xbox Roku B2C
Voice-Activated/Virtual Assistant, Chatbots, Smart Speakers $5B Google Home, Google Assistant Echo/Alexa, Amazon Lex M (2015), Messenger Bots (2016) Siri, HomePod, Can be built onto iMessage Cortana, Bot Framework, Tay, Zo, Ruuh, etc _ B2C
Store: Movies, TV Google Play Amazon Video _ iTunes _ _ B2C
Store: Music Google Play Amazon Music _ iTunes Windows Store, Xbox Live _ B2C
Store: Games $90B _ Game Studio _ _ Nintendo, Fortnite, King Games, Zynga B2C
Game Consoles $10B _ _ _ _ Xbox Nintendo B2C
e-Book Store _ Kindle Store _ Apple Books _ _ B2C
Local Directory Google Places/Reviews _ Places, Pages (similar function) Apple Maps (business profiles) Bing Places for Business Yelp B2C
News Google News, Google AMP _ NewsFeed, Instant Articles Apple News LinkedIn Newspaper sites, Flipboard and other integrators B2C
Transportation Platform $20B _ _ _ _ _ Uber, Lyft, Lime B2B
Publishing Platform _ _ _ _ _ Arc Publishing (WaPo, LATimes) B2B
Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Platform Google Daydream, Tango, TiltBrush (3D) _ Oculus ARKit HoloLens, Mixed Reality Samsung B2B
IoT Platform IoT GCP Dash Button, IoT Kit _ _ IoT Azure Samsung B2B

Policy Questions

Policy Questions
Search Algorithmic Bias, First Amendment
Keyword Ads Antitrust
Banner Ads / Ad Network Antitrust
Social Media Ads Political Ads, Foreign Interference
Social Media (subscriptions and license deals) Privacy, Encryption
User-Generated Video Platform (ads and subscriptions) Fake Video, Hate Speech, Political Ads, Piracy
Video Streaming Platform (subscriptions) Antitrust, Vertical Integration, Media
Music Streaming Platform (subscriptions) Copyright, Royalties
Retail Membership
Cloud Computing Platform Cloud Act
Cloud Storage Encryption, Piracy
Mail Privacy
Messaging Privacy
Voice/Video Calling
Online Grocery Vertical Integration
Crypto Dev Platform Financial Regulation
Dev Platform Innovation
Mobile OS
Workplace Collaboration and Enterprise Productivity Software
Photo Storage
App Store EU Antitrust
AI / ML Platform Algorithms, AI
Autonomous Vehicles Safety
Drones FAA
Last-Mile Infrastructure Telecom
Backhaul Infrastructure
Mobile Handsets IP, Patents, Antitrust
Low-end PCs
High-end PCs
Streaming Device
Voice-Activated / Virtual Assistant, Chatbots, Smart Speakers
Store: Movies, TV
Store: Music
Store: Games
Game Consoles
e-Book Store
Local Directory
News News, First Amendment
Transportation Platform Gig Economy
Publishing Platform News, First Amendment
Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Platform
IoT Platform